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IMPACT Rentals is a rental company dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Their passionate employees care about getting the job done right and keeping customers happy. With a diverse inventory of equipment from small trench compactors to 50-ton excavators, IMPACT has the tools you need. Their expertise and focus on relationships make them stand out. IMPACT strives to be number one through quality hires, industry experts, and a close-knit team driven to go above and beyond. If you’re looking to rent equipment from a company that truly cares about customers, choose IMPACT.

Victor Manders

Check out Victor Manders’ testimonial, where he highlights our dedication to quality, prompt service, and partnership. At IMPACT Rentals, we provide high-performing equipment that ensures minimal downtime and faster work completion. Our team offers exceptional customer service, with same-day resolution of any issues and open communication. We invite you to join us and discover more about our services and how we can assist you.

Eugene Brown

Discover Eugene Brown’s journey at IMPACT Rentals in our Employee Spotlight series. With just a year at the company, Eugene highlights the family-oriented, collaborative, and unified team he’s proud to be part of. As a rental industry veteran, Eugene brings valuable insights to our work process. Recognizing the approachability and accessibility of management, he emphasizes IMPACT Rentals’ open-door policy, where every employee’s voice counts. We extend our corporate culture by involving the families of our team members. Eugene fondly recalls being invited to a company barbecue with his family during his initial weeks, showcasing the warm, welcoming atmosphere that defines IMPACT Rentals. Join Eugene as he walks you through his experience, emphasizing the essence of a ‘work family.’ Watch now to explore what makes IMPACT Rentals a unique workplace and fuel your passion like Eugene.

Nate Stiltner

Meet Nate Stiltner, our resident technician serving our Tennessee and Alabama drop sites. Celebrating three years at IMPACT Rentals, Nate shares his perspective on our company’s customer-focused approach. At IMPACT Rentals, we prioritize direct and personal communication. Whether you’re speaking to a salesman, a dispatcher, or a technician like Nate, each interaction is tailored to assist you effectively and promptly. Our emphasis on communication doesn’t end there. During service calls, we keep customers informed about every detail—from our arrival time to the expected duration of work—ensuring transparency at every step. Our commitment to deliver high-quality service is unwavering, and we strive to be a dependable partner you can trust. Join Nate as he underscores our mission: to help you get the job done with efficiency, reliability, and exceptional service. Discover more about the people behind IMPACT Rentals and our dedication to providing unparalleled assistance.

Growth and Culture

At IMPACT Rentals, we challenge the norms and set new standards in the rental industry. Our goal isn’t just to be the best but to empower every team member to strive for personal excellence. The driving force behind our work is the excitement of facing unique challenges and opportunities each day, making every day a chance to learn and grow. We appreciate the power of human interaction, both with our customers and within our team. We work in an environment where every individual truly matters. We value every member and care about their families, setting an unparalleled culture of respect and compassion. At IMPACT Rentals, we believe that your growth potential is limitless. Dedication and willingness to learn can lead you from a high school graduate to a full-fledged technician or even a manager. Join our expanding company! We seek driven individuals with a strong work ethic and a desire to learn. Watch our video to see how you can make an impact with us.

Boosting Productivity with Service

Discover how IMPACT Rentals can optimize productivity in construction through Weston Gittens’ testimonial. Having worked with IMPACT for a year and a half, Weston has experienced our commitment to providing new, top-quality equipment, often remarking that the paint is barely scratched off! One of the critical elements that Weston finds impressive is our prompt and truthful response to any issues. He appreciates our honest communication and quick resolution times, keeping his projects on schedule. Despite our growing success, we always remember our roots as a small business. Weston emphasizes the importance of the personal relationships we cultivate with our clients, maintaining that close-knit feel that bolsters trust and partnership. Gain insight into Weston Gittens’ experience with IMPACT Rentals and learn why he loves partnering with us.

Swift Service and Efficiency

Shad Hils highlights how our ability to provide equipment in a fraction of the time compared to other rental companies gives him a valuable advantage in getting his projects started sooner and completed more quickly. This level of efficiency ultimately benefits his bottom line by reducing costs related to machine downtime. Our commitment to supplying new, up-to-date, and reliable equipment sets us apart. Shad compares us favorably to his experiences with other retailers, where older equipment led to issues during projects. When problems arise with heavy equipment—as they sometimes do—our incredible response time and customer service ensure that clients like Shad are taken care of promptly and feel supported. Watch Shad Hils’ testimonial to learn how partnering with IMPACT Rentals can help you enhance your project efficiency and experience quality rental equipment and service.